Infant & Toddler Program

    Here at RB Kids we follow the child and connect with them in a way that truly respects and values who they are and their needs. At RB Kids we have three I/T rooms and are licensed for 34 infant and toddlers. Our curriculum is child centered and child led. We provide a warm, welcoming environment for infants & toddlers to explore, experience, learn and have fun. The educators/caregivers of RB Kids provide a safe nurturing environment that promotes hands on exploration and positive social interactions. We are responsive professionals concerned about all aspects of children’s development.

    Parent/Teacher Conference

    Parent teacher conferences can be arranged if you would like an update on your child’s progress, if you have any concerns or you are wanting to learn more about the infant & toddler program. If you would like to arrange for a parent teacher conference please contact the child care office at 778-331-5532 and we will arrange a time for you to meet with the Program Lead or the senior teacher of the room.

    What Will Your Child Need at Child Care

    • Three complete changes of clothes
    • Rain coat/winter coat (depending on weather)
    • Rain pants or muddy buddy
    • Boots/runners
    • Indoor shoes
    • Sun hat/sunscreen (depending on the time of year)
    • One large bag of diapers
    • One container of wipes
    • A prepared lunch kit with an ice-pack to keep foods requiring refrigeration cold
    • A thermos to keep foods that need to be heated warm

    Please Label All Your Child’s Belongings****

    Separation Anxiety in Young Children

    Separation anxiety varies widely between children. Some babies become very upset when mom/dad is out of sight for a very short time, while other children seem to demonstrate on going anxiety at separations during infancy, toddlerhood, and preschool. Some children seem to enter into the program with no separation anxiety at all and then develop it later .

    Helpful Tips for Coping with Separation Anxiety

    Create quick good-bye rituals – Keep the good bye short and sweet. If you stay the more difficult the transition time is. Create something you do that is special when saying good bye such as a high five or giving a stuffed toy/ blanket for comfort.

    Be consistent – Try to drop off at the same time with the same ritual, whether it be a special hug or a soft blanket, some thing to keep with them during the day that is special to them

    Attention – When saying good bye to your child make sure that you give them your full attention, be joyful, loving and reassuring.