Outdoor Learning Program


    We will be integrating a daily scheduled outdoor learning program into our regular childcare classrooms. The program will allow for smaller groups from each room to explore our surroundings in the parks and trails. It will be approximately one hour in the morning, followed by indoor activities and exploration of our nature museums and other activities in the afternoons. We follow the child and let them lead us in the direction of what interests them and what they would like to explore. Our preplanned outdoor activities will include a wide variety of experiences such as, art, music, story time, mud play, scavenger hunts and quiet observation times.

    Our goal is to have children be outside in nature utilizing our rich environment as a tool for them to learn, grow, and create a lasting connection with nature. We will continue to follow our blended philosophy (reggio, montessori and play based learning) in the outdoor programing, though it will be a bit more reggio and play based in style when we are outside. We are excited to create an environment where the children can expand on their interests and curiosity by bringing elements from our outside environment back inside the classroom where we can further explore and learn.

    Sustainability will be woven into the culture of the outdoor program, and as the natural surroundings become the third teacher, sustainability will become the foundation. Teachers will be facilitators, as this program will be all about the process being the outcome. As a result the children will become socially aware (to leave our part of the world a better place) by being respectful of people and things around us, being good friends and good doers.